Mary Novak

Licensed Realtor

Senior Real Estate Specialist


As we age, we demand specialists in our health needs

so why not in our housing and equity needs as well?

All of us, as a right passage, will either have to right size our own living situation or assist our parents with the task.

Many times difficult decisions are being made after a catastrophic incident with a loved one. As a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES), I am specially trained and through the use of pointed questions help older adults and/or their children make decisions on selling the family home and preparing the home for sale.  Often times, emotions are running high when parents need to sell and with my willingness to listen and easy going personality, I am able to make the transition less stressful for all involved.  I have a comprehensive understanding of all of the  issues to be considered when selling.

As a member of a well respected referral business group,  I have vetted and interviewed service providers that a home seller may need.  From carpet installers, attorneys, organizers, movers and handymen to help increase the client's bottom line. But more importantly, alleviate any stress.

From a personal standpoint,  I consider myself a Transition Consultant. I have had to make those difficult SUCCESSFUL decisions for myself and my husband due to our own life living changes.  We have also had to step in and guide our own parents when it came to right sizing (AKA downsizing) and finding suitable living arrangements for them.  My love for working in this area of real estate began many years ago, when I was the caretaker for my much loved Granny.

I am a no-pressure type of Realtor and believe in educating the client so that they are able to make make the best decision for them.  Please call me for a free no-pressure conversation.  I'll even bring the coffee!

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