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Short Sales
Don't let foreclosure happen! Ask Mary Novak a Certified Distressed Property Expert about the Short Sale option---there is hope!
Preparing Your Home For Sale
For Sale By Owner?
Buying a Home
If you're beginning to look into buying a home, you may have many questions. Our buyer tips section covers many of the most important home buying topics.
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Owning Your Home
Anyone who owns a home or intends to own a home will value these answers on topics like Home Owners Associations, home repair, hiring a contractor, or home value appreciation.
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Your Mortgage
Often shopping for the right home loan can be as important and daunting as your house search itself. Read our mortgage section to learn the basics before you start.
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Investing in Real Estate
With the value of homes appreciating around the country, investments in real estate have become very popular. The potential for profit can be high for those who do the proper research.
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Request Relocation Info
If you are considering moving to our region, let me know and I will provide you with the information that you need.
» Read More Let one of my satisfied buyers tell you about their relocation experience with me! Even from Miles Away, Relocation Program Works! "With her bright and bubbly personality, and her never-say-never attitude, Mary Novak was the perfect jumping off point for our house-buying adventure, even from miles and miles away! With her relocation program, Mary found us a realtor who showed us not only could we afford a house, but got us the perfect home for our family! Now we can really enjoy living in America’s Finest City! Thanks Marvelous Mary!" The Hunt Family San Diego, California