Surviving COVID 19

Who knew Harvard U offered free on line classes.  This may be something to delve into while we are on lock down.

Harvard FREE OnLine Classes Link

Stimulus Check Scam!  Don’t fall for it!  Check out this link with some helpful tips on how not to fall prey to a Stimulus Check scam!

Avoid Stimulus Check Scams

Covid has taken over our lives.  Many of us are not working–that includes me.  I am considered a non essential.

We are all in this together.  Together we will survive.
Couple of things:
1.  If you have been laid off and are concerned about your house payment, please call your mortgage servicer and mention COVID 19 to them.  Ask them what can they do for you until we are all back to work.
2.  Don’t cancel your health insurance!  Call your insurance provider –let them know you have a change in income.  They should be able to adjust your coverage/costs.
3.  Are you or do you know who is food insecure?  Visit

State of MI Gleaner Food Sites Interactive Map
You may have to copy and paste the link, but it will take you to an interactive map for Gleaner Food distribution sites within 5 counties.

4.  Here is a link to the State of MI page with information on how and who is eligible for unemployment due to COVID-19

State of MI Covid-19 Info

Please check in on your elderly family members and neighbors.  Many of those folks don’t have social media and may need some help.

Sobriety Help.  Due to the lockdown many folks are unable to attend support meetings.  There is on line help available.

Keep washing those hands!


"Marvelous" Mary Novak-Your Transition Consultant